Work and Travel


Length: Up to 3 Months
Cost: $1,380 €

About This Program

The program provides hospitality and culinary higher-education students the opportunity to visit Spain, get to know the culture, and gain international experience working in hospitality or culinary arts entry-level positions.

This option is open to nationals of any country with a Visa Waiver to enter the Schengen Area. The Free-Visa. Regime, allows citizens of specific countries to enter the E.U territory for up to 90 days without a visa. We invite you to check if your country is listed on the list.

Placements are available during most part of the year, starting around April-May (Holly week) and ending around October. There are some additional placements during the winter time on specific locations such as sky destinations and the Islands (Oct-Jan).

What will I be doing?

We work with Host Employers across Spain and help people find international talent for specific positions. Generally available positions are:

  • Prep-cook
  • Line-cook
  • Service (Room customer service – F&B)
  • Front desk
  • Rooms Division

There are many opportunities and positions available with all types of hospitality businesses – we can find something that is a perfect match for you.

I did my work and travel program in Seville during summer. I worked for a candid boutique hotel, where I improved my Spanish in a professional setting and also had time to travel through southern Spain.

- Emma Edwards (EE. UU.)

What This Program Includes

Guaranteed Placement

Position secured before arriving so that you know exactly where you are going and begin earning right away.

Monthly Stipend

Receive from 300 to 500 Euros.

Guía de requisitos internacionales

Orientación sobre requisitos de visa y seguro médico de viaje.

Free Housing

Housing is provided by Host Employer free of charge during the whole duration of your program. It is a shared appartment fully furnished.

Meals Included

Meals are provided by Host Employer. Minimum of two meals per working day.

International Requirements Guidance

Guidance and documentation for travel requirements and immigration processes in Spain.

Health Insurance

We secure full health coverage for you for the entire duration of your program while in Spain.
No limits – Zero co-copy – Repatriation – Liability. Everything to comply with government requirements for your stay.

Emergency Support

24/7 emergency support from our support teams based in Spain


Our Spain internship program provides you with everything you need to ensure your stay is rewarding. Please note that you must be pursuing academic studies that are related to the field of your internship.

  • Must be 18-26 years old at the start of the program
  • Must be a current university student or recent graduate (No more than 12 months by the program start date).
  • Only citizens of one of the countries with Schengen Visa-Free Regime bilateral arrangements. Check here if your country is on the list.
  • Must demonstrate intermediate level of Spanish (English is a Plus)

How does it Work?

The process to get you to Spain is very simple and would take approximately 8 weeks. You are encouraged to start your process with enough time.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Debo ponerme en contacto mensualmente con ustedes?

Sí. Debido a que tu seguridad es nuestra prioridad, te solicitaremos que te pongas en contacto con nosotros todos los meses mientras estés en el extranjero. ¡Pero también estaremos aquí cuando nos necesites! Te brindamos soporte 24/7 con nuestro dedicado equipo.

¿Cuál es el papel de la empresa anfitriona?

Es un honor y un privilegio para las empresas participar en el programa. Se asegurarán de que entrenes junto a profesionales experimentados y obtengas experiencia laboral adicional para desarrollar tus habilidades actuales.

¿Cuánto cuesta el programa?

Haz click sobre el botón costos y gastos para revisar las tarifas de cada programa.

¿Cuánto dura cada programa?

Existe un máximo de 6 meses.

¿Cuánto ganaré?

Las prácticas profesionales en España generalmente no son remuneradas. Sin embargo, dependiendo de tu CV, el campo de tu pasantía y la duración del programa, te podemos proporcionar una compensación monetaria.

¿Quién me ayudará a encontrar una vivienda?

Muchos puestos ofrecen alojamiento, pero algunos no. Siempre te proporcionaremos opciones de vivienda viables que sean accesibles y a una distancia razonable de tu lugar de trabajo.


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